Dominic Scott
Co-Owner & Sushi Chef

Ismael Rojo

Coming from Vigo (Galicia), passing through different sushi bars in Galicia, Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Belgium and Palma de Mallorca, among which stands out the period spent in the restaurant Koy Shunka (1 Michelin star) of the famous chef Hideki Matsuhisa.

Our firm intention with this project, my partner Raúl and I, is to transmit our knowledge and passion for what we do and the treatment with affection and a lot of respect of the products that you will be able to taste in our house.

I hope to be able to serve you and make you dream as much as we dream of this new path.

Best regards and see you soon ! 💜

Dominic Scott

Raúl García

I am 33 years old and when I was 14 it was clear to me that my passion was cooking.

As soon as I finished my studies, I started working and studying cooking. Those were difficult years but full of beautiful memories. The heat, the madness, the passion, the stress of a service got me hooked like a drug. After finishing my studies and working in several restaurants in Mallorca, I went to work in Zuberoa, a restaurant that was once famous for being one of the best in Spain, today its chef is still one of the greatest.

After a short stint in France, I returned to Mallorca and joined Marc Fosh’s team where I learned and acquired more responsibilities, until I became head chef. I also worked in places like Zaranda, Cap Rocat, or Santi Taura. At the age of 29 I opened my first restaurant (Katarsis), at 31 and after a trip to Asia I opened (Palillos y Cuchillos) with a traveling and fusion cuisine.

Now in this new project (kaizen) together with Ismael Rojo, we make the best tandem to present the most creative recipes from our travels in Asia, and bring them for the first time to the city a new concept, the Shabu Shabu, the best signature sushi and high level dishes.

Do you dare to travel?